New Single From Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley dropped a new single from his critically acclaimed ALL I'VE GOT solo project. Straight ahead bluegrass for sure! It's a tune that Scott Patrick and I wrote a little while back about the trials and challenges associated with life as a coal mining family. Its called ONE BLACK ROCK AT A TIME. Needless to say, Scott and I were thrilled that Mike and his team selected this as their new single release for radio. Wilson Pickins Promotions, Mike's publicist group also put together a short video with some archived photos of work "in the mines". Extremely thought provoking indeed. Please take a look at it via the link below. Also, buy the CD! Its a great one! We all support each other folks! Mike's project is available on-line or at his website. Simply google Mike and the project name and you can buy it from one of several places. Some of bluegrass music's biggest names are on it. you won't be disappointed.

ONE BLACK ROCK AT A TIME article and video link


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